Beverly McCarter: Wicked Problems

Host: Kevin Feelan (Phelan Corrimal)
Producer: Bevan Whitfield (Elisa Butler)
Filmed Live & Simultaneously Broadcast by Metaverse Television:

In Conversation With Beverly McCarter (Bev Landers): Wicked Problems, Narrative Structures & MUVEs

Video available here

Thursday, May 31, 2012 – 3:30PM SL/PST (6:30PM EST/11:30PM UK – June 1, 12:30PM CET)

Beverly McCarter’s (aka Bev Landers) passion is to change the world, specifically concerning how we learn via virtual environments. This involves the way in which we design virtual learning environments with ‘wicked problems‘ (problems that spontaneously emerge from human interactions) in mind. Her work focuses on how complexity thrives on creativity born from the collaboration of diverse perspectives, while realizing that this same diversity can cause wars and collapse.

Filmed Live & Simultaneously Broadcast by Metaverse Television:
Beverly addresses these issues using 3-stage learning systems for Immersive 3D Learning Environments, which are uniquely suited for enabling individuals to step into the narratives and perspectives of others.

She has worked for the Nation Defense University (NDU) in Washington, DC. As the Education Innovation Coordinator, she helped coordinate and execute the efforts of the Federal Consortium of Virtual Worlds to bring the federal government into virtual worlds. She also instructed NDU faculty and Pentagon leadership in the navigation and use of virtual worlds. This work was all in support of the Federal Consortium for Virtual Worlds.

As a principal of Human Mosaic Systems, LLC, (HMS), Beverly is an architect/designer of 3D immersive virtual spaces. Her work focuses on the psychology of the avatar and virtual worlds, “wicked problems”, the complexity of immersive learning spaces, as well as the impact of the aesthetics of 3D immersive environments on complex human systems.

Beverly is certified in Virtual Worlds (University of Washington), as well a facilitator for Self Organizing Systems for Complex Environments (Center for Self-Organizing Leadership). Ms. McCarter is a Solution Provider for Linden Labs’ Second Life virtual world and is familiar with other virtual worlds such as Unity 3D, OpenSim, MOSES, UDK, World of Warcraft, Teleplace, VastPark, 3Dxplorer, ActiveWorlds, to name a few.
Her award winning work includes the Army’s 2012 Federal Virtual Worlds Challenge: Engaging Learning (3rd Place) for her Maya Astronomy Center, Phases 1 & 2; and the 2012 Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education conference – “Best Example of Educational Practices in a Virtual World” for Maya Island.

Rockcliffe Rotunda (Second Life), Rockcliffe University Consortium

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