Dave Levinson: Patently Different

In Conversation with Dave Levinson: Patently Different

June 1, 2011
4:30 PM SL/PST (7:30 PM EST)

Kevin and Dave (Dave Surface in SL) will be discussing how value is extracted from virtual worlds through the reduction of cost and risk, where the greatest potential for patentable opportunities lie – be it hardware, software, networking, or process innovation – and what the implications may be for a virtual society.

Dave is the CEO of Cranial Tap, Inc. and is a veteran online entertainment and video game professional with twenty years of experience producing compelling interactive products with Sega of Japan, Time Warner Cable, Lockheed Martin, America Online, Intel, General Electric and others.. He is responsible for the launch of nearly one hundred consumer products including video games, VoIP dashboards, social/community networks, switched circuit phone applications, user interfaces, interactive television and virtual world environments.

Formed in 2006, Cranial Tap provides virtual world design and technology solution services to businesses, organizations and academia around the world. Today, the company focuses upon the development of Learning and Training environments. Cranial Tap clients include AOL, 1-800-Flowers, Cognizant, Northern Virginia Community College, WeatherBug, Corbis, University of Virginia, NIC USA, CyberWatch / National Science Foundation, Michigan State University and others.

Dave is a published author, artist, inventor and entrepreneur. He claims six filed patents related to virtual world field, one of which was awarded in December of 2008. He is also inventor of the successful AOL Super Buddy characters used by millions around the world. Dave attended Seminole State College and University of Central Florida.

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