Jessica Lyon: Heart of the Phoenix

Host: Kevin Feelan (Phelan Corrimal)
Producer: Bevan Whitfield (Elisa Butler)
Filmed Live & Simultaneously Broadcast by Metaverse Television:

Thursday, May 10, 2012 – 3:30PM SL/PST (6:30PM EST/11:30PM UK – May 11, 12:30PM CET)
This week, Kevin and Jessica Lyon (Phoenix/Firestorm) will explore the relationships that avatars have with their technology and the special bond which make this interface such a passionate topic of debate among Second Life users.

Jessica Trinity, better known as Jessica Lyon in Second Life, has been the heart and soul behind the Phoenix Viewer Project which develops the Phoenix and Firestorm viewers for Second life as well as for other virtual worlds. Before Phoenix, she created and led the Support and QA Teams for the Emerald viewer project. Jessica is also a former Mentor Coach and dabbles from time to time with scripting.
It is lesser known that Jessica is somewhat of an activist for user rights in Second Life. She is often behind closed doors in discussions with Linden Lab and fights for features and functionality to order to improve user-experience and to try to prevent them from being changed or broken.

In real life, Jessica is a professional freelance photographer who shoots news, editorial and sometimes model portfolios.

Jessica Trinity Photography

Phoenix Viewer Website:

The Phoenix Viewer on twitter: @PhoenixViewerSL

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