Maria Korolov: The Voice of Region

In Conversation with Maria Korolov: The Voice of Region4
Thursday Feb 16, 3PM SL/PST (6PM EST/11PM UK/12PM CET)

As the “all knowing, all seeing” editor and publisher behind Hypergrid Business (, Maria Korolov has been a much acclaimed journalist for the Chicago Tribune, Reuters and ComputerWorld with more than twenty years in the field, at home and abroad from locations as varied as Russia and China.

Turning her keen sense of journalistic integrity and focused vision toward virtual worlds as an economic guru and avid supporter in this field, she has a written flair for the trends and their wide reaching implications.

She will bring engagement and insight on the topics concerning new developments in related technologies which make possible the expansion and widespread adoption of virtual environments, such as Vivox voice services in OpenSim, and the rapid expansion in both the number of grids and regions.

This week, join Kevin and Maria as they explore the nature of virtual worlds business models and how the transformations over the past several years have paved the way for innovations and impacted the growth or decline of the industry as whole.

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