BotGirl Questi: Appreciating the Courage of My Lack of Conviction

This Week on Inside the AvatarStudio

Host: Kevin Feelan (Phelan Corrimal)
Producer: Bevan Whitfield (Elisa Butler)

Season 3 Finale

In Conversation With BotGirl: “Appreciating the Courage of My Lack of Conviction”
Thursday, July, 26 2012 – 3:30PM SL/PST (6:30PM EST/11:30PM UK – July 27, 12:30AM CET)

Filmed Live & Simultaneously Broadcast by Metaverse Television:


Botgirl Questi describes herself as a “beautiful thought experiment personified through the imagined perspective of a self-aware avatar.” Her blog “” brings many of her thought experiments to the light of pixels in well thought out prose, in spite of the limitation of the written word’s ability to paint the images that she ponders. But she doesn’t stop there as anyone following her blog knows.

Her musings on “identity”, “psychology” and their place in social networking through society at large make for some mind bending deep thought experiments, both for her and for all of us. Even her appearance on Inside the Avatar Studio is a continuation of this spirit of experimentation and not taken lightly.  Why I’m Appearing as Botgirl Questi on a live-voiced Inside the AvatarStudio:

During the heyday of Google’s ill fated “Microsoft Passport” attempts to limit users to the name on their birth certificate, Botgirl brought the absurdity of the “one body, one name” stance out through words, animated shorts, remade comic book covers, threats of alien invasion and music videos. (

Botgirl is now making her mark on Cloud Party, the browser-based virtual world. Cloud Party has opened up the potential for serious transworld experiences. Her suggestion that Linden Lab should buy Cloud Party has started an interesting line of conversation. Her Cloud Party Trailer (a tongue in cheek video) brilliantly postulates a direction hitherto unknown.



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